Concurrent Computing and Programming with Grand Central Dispatch

Grand Central Dispatch

The Queues

  • Concurrent file: Performs multiple tasks in parallel
  • Sequential or Serial file: performs one-to-one tasks in series
  • Main queue : equivalent to the main thread that primarily handles the application's UI. All of the UI calls must be done on this queue.
  • Global queue : the system provides us with 3 global tails with different priorities (HIGH, DEFAULT and LOW). These 3 files are of the Concurrent type.
  • Custom queue : queues that can be created manually and of the desired type (Serial or concurrent).

GCD in Practice

inside async block
inside main Queue block

Going Deeper

Starting job 0
Starting job 1
Starting job 2
Starting job 3
Starting job 4
Starting job 5
Starting job 6
Starting job 7
Starting job 8
Starting job 9
Finished job 3
Finished job 2
Finished job 1
Finished job 4
Finished job 0
Finished job 9
Finished job 5
Finished job 6
Finished job 8
Finished job 7
All jobs done!





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Thibault Carpentier

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